Corporate and Personal

McGorman MacLean provides compilation, review and auditing engagements for large and small businesses (companies, partnerships, and proprietorships) as well as the preparation of corporate tax returns. The firm also provides timely and informative advice on goods and services tax and provincial sales tax along with other business related matters.

As a professional chartered accounting firm, McGorman MacLean prepares personal tax returns and specialized tax services (such as estate and non-resident returns) to meet all the requirements of individual clients.

Business and Succession Planning

McGorman MacLean, Chartered Professional Accountants is well-positioned to provide timely and informative advice to its clients. The firm works with small or family-owned companies to well-established regional companies with respect to business succession planning and other issues involving income tax, goods and services tax, provincial sales tax or other business related matters to help the companies recognize opportunities for growth, efficiencies and operational improvements. The firm assists its clients in meeting all business transition, reorganizing and tax strategy needs as well as their tax compliance and reporting requirements to governments, financial institutions or other authorities.

Public Sector and Not-For-Profit

McGorman MacLean, Chartered Professional Accountants has extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with public sector and First Nation issues and their reporting requirements. Staff regularly attends professional development courses which focus on auditing and accounting for public sector bodies. As a result of significant involvement with First Nations, municipalities and a school district, the firm is very familiar and conversant with the issues they deal with on a regular basis and provides superior auditing services to this sector.

McGorman MacLean has a large client base of charities and other not-for-profit organizations and offers excellent auditing, accounting, tax and managerial services to all such entities.

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